Saturday, April 2, 2011

April is Autism Awareness Month - What is "Awareness" anyway?

I suppose the answer to this question will be different for all of us.  For some it will be merely acknowledging autism or saying "I have a friend who has a child with autism."  Others will walk in walks, run in marathons, donate money, etc.  But truly being aware in my eyes is having love and compassion for these children.  When a child is having a behavior, try to understand where that behavior is coming from.  Behavior is communication.  We may not understand why that behavior is occurring, but there is a reason behind.  Try to teach your children to have compassion for these kids, to help educate those who don't know or understand what autism is.  I have seen so many children have pure compassion for Jack, and it is a wonderful thing.  In a world where there is an "awareness" month for just about everything (not that that's a BAD thing.......)  we can sometimes become desensitized to the causes.  Just remember that autism is insidious: it affects every nook and cranny of every person's life in that family.  I will never claim to like autism, as a matter of fact I HATE it!  But I love someone with autism and that has changed my life, and for that I am a better person. 

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