Monday, April 4, 2011

World Autism Day occurs 1 day a year! For us, Autism is EVERY DAY!

I have read a lot in the last few days about Autism Awareness.  Lots of warrior moms bantering it out as to whether promoting autism awareness is "celebrating" autism.  If you haven't noticed, we autism parents are quite opinionated.  I even posted "Happy Autism Awareness Day" on my Facebook and a fellow mom said "really?  Happy?"  DUH!  No, not that blog post I had even commented on how much I hated autism.....but I love my son very much.  However, I do want to make people more aware....for many reasons.  On the other side of the coin, we need MORE than awareness....we need ACTION!  We are losing a generation of children and no one (ie: our government), seems too alarmed....and it's disturbing.  Children are dying, families are being torn apart...MOTHERS ARE KILLING THEIR CHILDREN!  In an effort to continue to make you more aware......just remember....we live with Autism Everyday.....

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