Monday, March 28, 2011

How Isn't this Entire Incident a Travesty?

The autism community has been a buzz since a Detroit mom had barricaded herself into her home with her 13 year old daughter, after refusing to continue (under the advice of her doctor) her daughter on Risperdal.  You can read the article here. Granted, there was a shot fired inside her home and no one is condoning that behavior.....but if you read the facts....this mother was protecting her daughter.  Now, this child does not have autism....but it does say that her behavior changed after a vaccine.  This child is now in the hands of Child Protective Services even though there are several family members that can care for her.  The reason the autism community has been a buzz is because I think many of us moms could see ourselves in this position, and would go to any length to protect our children.  Once again, our "system" seemingly works against us.  While there are mothers out there smoking crack and truly endangering their children the system chooses to go after a mom who is trying to help her daughter.  In case you haven't seen "the buzz" on Risperdal lately, you can read that here.  I have heard of moms getting CPS called on them because their child is on a special diet and school calls and says that they are depriving the child of food. essence, they want to take the child away for not shoving Kool Aid and Gold Fish down the childs throat.  This stuff really happens, and it is a true violation of our civil rights.  I hope that this mother's civil right to make decisions for her own daughter's health is restored.

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