Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Fine Line Between Acceptance and Denial

I am sure I have been accused of being in both acceptance and have many of you at times in your journey with autism.  It is very easy to judge each other as we parents chat about our children who are all so different; along with the situations that we face in schools, at home, in stores, restaurants, and churches.  It seems we can't win for losing.  You see, if we accept our child's limitations it seems as though we've thrown our hands in the air and given up.  If we don't take no for an answer then we are in denial that our child has "limitations."  There is a fine line between the two and unfortunately that makes for much controversy and judgment even within our own community.  How do we find the balance of knowing and doing what is best for our children but not wearing the blinders of denial? 

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