Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The wisdom of a sibling.......

Being the sibling of a child with autism is a tall job.  But, I truly believe that it teaches them tolerance and acceptance that they could not otherwise comprehend.  This is my daughter Hanna, and she is a wonderful sister.  I came across this paper that she wrote almost 3 years ago, thought I would share:

"My brother Jack is 5 years old.  I love him very much.  He inspires me everyday, but he can get annoying.  I love playing games with him, and my friends love him too, but sometimes people make fun of him or hurt my feelings by saying he is weird.  But I think he is just as special as everyone else.  He understands everything you say to him.  He has feeling too you know.  It is not like he can't hear....everything you say to him he understands.  He has many feelings like any other ordinary person.  We all have difficulties in our lives and Jack is one of mine.  I love my brother past the planet!!

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