Sunday, February 27, 2011

Judge not lest ye be judged: Faith and Autism

 Everyday things like attending a simple church service can be difficult for a family with a child with autism.  When you go to church, you are expected to sit quietly and listen.  Yeah, right!  If we could get our kids to do this on a regular basis......many of our issues would be solved!  Even in a church setting, it is difficult not to feel "judged" when your child is misbehaving or has to be dragged out of the service kicking and screaming.  It's all fine and great when your child is 3, but a little more difficult when he or she is 10.  There are some churches out there that offer a "special needs Sunday school."  What a wonderful idea.  There are many families out there who want to attend church, but don't have childcare or can't sit through a service without a meltdown.  We know our kids have the capability to understand and learn about God, but it has to be taught in the right manner.  Even church can leave families feeling isolated.  If you belong to a church that has families with special needs children, suggest starting a program that will help families so that they too can attend church.  What an outreach program, and news travels fast!  .

Below are some articles in recent news about autism and religion/church.

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